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Dorota Zagórska in Siudek ( Krakow , 9 September 1975 ) is a ' former figure skater on ice and ice skating coach of Poland , who competed in the pairs of artistic specialties along with Mariusz Siudek .

At the beginning of his racing career in figure skating Dorota Zagórska competed in the individual, then passed to couples with Janusz Komendera . In 1995 he changed partners, and since then flap with Marius Siudek.

The couple Zagórska-Siudek won a bronze medal at the world championships in figure skating in 1999 , two silver medals at the European Figure Skating Championships (1999, 2000 ) and one bronze medal at the Europeans in 2004 .

The two skaters were the first Poles to enter the finals of the senior Grand Prix series in 2000, repeating the result in 2003 .

As well as on the ice, the two skaters are a couple in real life. They married in 2001 . In 2003 they moved to Canada , in Montreal , where they trained with Richard Gauthier .

They retreated in 2007 to devote himself to training, to Toruń , of Stacey Kemp and David King .

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