Figure Skates and Blades

"Multiple pairs of roller skates in front,Which contrast faster it?" Many beginners will ask when buying roller skates to this problem.Fast and slow is a simple concept,really fast is the user,with the home than any other factor important skill.

Body of the shoe

Shoes are the main factors affecting the speed of the shoe body firmness,shoes harder force easier.Like beating with sticks and blow with a stick,like cheerleading,stick hardness can effectively transmit power,but would force blowing rod breakage,power can not be sent to the targeting of the body.
So shoe body firmness is very important,if not the force sent out,nothing sticks with .... But if they can not withstand the power of the user will be broken.So just hard material body is not enough to make shoes,the material must not be "fragile."

POWER SLIDE S3 glass fiber production,red circle appears obvious cracks location Turret

Carriage wheels and body of the shoe is the connecting point,a pair of good knife to be from the "material","design" and "precision" to make an assessment.
Production of a composite fiber material mainly or metal,if well designed,the composite fiber than metal poor.Whether the material is made of metal or composite fiber,a good knife is one-piece,only poor skate also use "two" type of knife."Two" type of knife mainly thin metal production,recycling of plastic put two metal binding.

Followed by the precision,the left and right holder holes are exactly the same.In fact,only 0.01MM error,the wheels when you will see the idle wheel shaking,shaking such as in recreational sports course not much of a problem,but if the competition level,this rock is less able to accept.

Even better metal knife will appear "metal fatigue." Wheel Common Wheel diameter: (left to right) 72mm,76mm,80mm.84mm,90mm beer methotrexate

So buy now or letter bearing the brand,to find reputable businesses,bearings are highly specialized parts,knockoff flooded now,we have to be careful.The brands have begun to develop their own units to measure bearing pros and cons.

Shown at right and is PS and SEBA's TWINCAM bearings are used ILQ standard left is ROLLERBLADE bearing,standard with SG

Bearing sleeve (SPACER)
Explored before,do not make too many descriptions,see roller skates Accessories: bearing sleeve (SPACER)

Not because of the merits of roller skates part of a high-rise sharply,but because of an inferior parts wear down the whole right shoe,skate shoes play will depend on the worst part of the whole.So adjusting roller skates for yourself,do not invest money you can put on a part of the whole.

A&R Sports A&R Sports BladeGards Skate Guard, Figure, Pink
Sports (A&R Sports)
  • Protects Blades when Walking Off Ice
  • Drain Holes that Allow Excessive Moisture to Vent
  • One Size Fits All with Adjustable Strap
  • Assorted Colors
2008-10-24 13:31:54 by ICEFIGURESSKATES

Ice Figure Skates

It's made in Canada by LANGE Company.
Color is snow white.
Size is US - 8 (UK - 5 and EU - 38.5).
Used only twice, and it's in extremely clean condition.
Blades are shiny and clean, and it comes with blades cover.
If interested, I can send you photos. Please send me an email to

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Tansclub Ice figure skate skating blade towel pink skater
Single Detail Page Misc (Tansclub)
  • Great summer blade towel!
  • Nice gift for a skater s birthday, or present for a coach!
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