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Riedell Riedell 12 White Ribbon Girls Figure Skates - Size J10
Sports (Riedell)
  • Suitable for ISI Pre-Alpha, USFSA Snowplow Sam and Skate Canada 1-4
  • Low profile forward flex design
  • Leather lining
  • PVC maintenance-free outside
  • Foam quarter padding
2008-10-24 13:31:54 by ICEFIGURESSKATES

Ice Figure Skates

It's made in Canada by LANGE Company.
Color is snow white.
Size is US - 8 (UK - 5 and EU - 38.5).
Used only twice, and it's in extremely clean condition.
Blades are shiny and clean, and it comes with blades cover.
If interested, I can send you photos. Please send me an email to

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    I ve been a figure skater for a long while now and i m in love with the sport. i m in freestyle 4. and i really want to try something new, I ve been considering pair figure skating but i don t know how to get started, and what we would have to do during competition. please help :)

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