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Figure skating

Figure skating is an event where individuals and couples compete to try to make stunning items exactly as they skate to music. Figure skating is an official event in the Winter Olympics. The main competitions in figure skating competitions are men s women s individual, pair skating, ice dancing and skating accuracy. International skating requires skaters perform a short program that includes jumps, spins and steps required, and then a longer program that allows more artistic freedom, both set to music. The competition s ruling figure skating has always been a subject of controversy. The International Skating Union has launched a new system called the sentence code points for the 2004 season.

There are four Olympic figure skating events - ladies singles, men's singles, pairs, and ice dancing. Choose event has two sections:

  • The short program - combines eight prescribed elements such as jump combinations and turns
  • The free skating here, skaters performed an original arrangement of techniques to music of your choice

Judges deduct points for a program that consists of too many or too few jumps, so a balance must be maintained.

The pairs event also has a short program and free skating. The couple work as a unit, demonstrating overhead lifts, throw-jumps with the man who throws his partner, and other maneuvers that require harmony, strength and grace.

Ice dancing is quite similar to ballroom dancing. The focus is on the complex steps in time with the music, with skaters maintain contact with each other, limiting lifts and jumps. Ice dancing has three sections:

  • Mandatory - the pair performs a predetermined dance
  • Original - must follow selected rhythms, though the couple can choose their own music and interpretative steps
  • Free Dance - the pair can freely express their interpretation of the music you have chosen

There are two categories of jumps in figure skating: the toe jumps and edge jumps. There are six dominant in figure skating jumps. They are distinguished by different decision offs, such as six are landed in the right back outside edge.

Jumps Toe:Rim Jumps:

The number of rotations performed in the air for each jump determines whether the jump is a single, double, triple, or quad. The male skaters usually perform triples and quads as their main jumps, while female skaters perform all the triples except the axel, which is usually double. The jumps can be performed alone, in combination or in sequence. For a set of jumps to be considered a combination, each jump must take the edge of the previous jump landing, without changing the border between jumps. Jump sequences are sets of jumps that may involve changes of edge between the jumps.

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Ice Figure Skates

It's made in Canada by LANGE Company.
Color is snow white.
Size is US - 8 (UK - 5 and EU - 38.5).
Used only twice, and it's in extremely clean condition.
Blades are shiny and clean, and it comes with blades cover.
If interested, I can send you photos. Please send me an email to

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