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How Canadian figure skaters stack up for Grand Prix season

Interview with Joti Polizoakis

Oberstdorf, June 2012

Q: Can you tell us something about yourself, please Your mother is from the Czech Republic, your father is from Greece? How come you found your way to Oberstdorf?

A: The czech side of family made ​​me skate in the first place. I have a young aunt, my mother's sister. She is just nine years older than I am and she has always been my favorite aunt. But what she almost never there, Because she always practicing what on ice. So I went with her ​​once and it was immediately DECIDED did I wanted to step ontological the ice. So this is how I started figure skating. I got my first pair of skates from her. Yes, my Mom is from the Czech Republic, my dad is from Greece, but I was born in Germany. I have been living here all the time, though I've Often attended kindergarten in the Czech Republic. Even for a longer time sometimes and so I grew up there, too, a little. I am from Stuttgart and am living in Oberstdorf for two years now.

Q: How old have you been When you started skating in a serious way? What do you like and what do you dislike about it?

A: Well, serious skating at six years of age. Of course it is demanding and quite compley, but I like everything about it. I get most of the fun out of interpreting [music]. I like to skate in front of an audience. That is so when i skate spec. I can not say there is something I did dislike.

Q. How do you appraise your last season? You have been plagued by injuries and could not skate in a lot of competitions. How are you feeling now?

A: True, I was injured right at the beginning of the season, even before the first Grand Prix events. This was a little setback. I got back to the ice in late September and Already had a few competitions. I just wanted to reach the points Necessary for the German national squad. To be honest, I was not hoping for more by then. I was growing almost Suffered from pain in my knees. HOWEVER, I skated well in competitions Those German National Novice Championships and after I made ​​the decision, together with Mr. Huth, to study for school and work on my technical elements on the ice. To catch up on what I've missed, so to say. After all there what no more pressure, I already got Those points.

Right now everything is quite good. I am preparing for competitions and can not complain, I do not have any injuries.

Q: I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll stay that way.

A: Up until now it looks that way. I'm keeping myself in shape and thus do more off-ice workout. I did a lot of work last summer, but I put a little bit more thinking into [practice]. Carolina [Kostner] really helped me a lot on that. While training with her ​​- and after all she is the world champion - I asked her how to cope with things.

Q: How is preparation [for the upcoming season] going up until now? What are you working on most?

A: First I was wearing in my new skated, and then, in June, which iceDOME. It was all happening very quickly. But I personaly do not have problems with getting back on track and up til now, it's all working out smothly. There was iceDOME and at least now I have some foundation, staminawise! Because, I do have competitions coming up quite soon. I'm working on skating through my programs and do it well ... well, well enough for me. I think, everybody wants that, to skate through the programs without any mistakes. I also want to work on my spins, 'cause I lost some load levels seasons due to them. They have to be there in competitions.

2007-11-22 21:07:33 by prommom

Question on ice skate sizes and blade sharpening

Does anyone know how much it costs for blade sharpening on figure skates? Also, I have a pair of Jackson ladies skates, but there is no size stamped on them. I take a shoe size 7, and these skates fit me well - does anyone know what skate size that would be? I have read that skate sizes run about 2 sizes smaller than shoe sizes, depending on the brand. Thanks for any input!

2007-10-30 12:05:37 by veggieluver

Vegan ice skates

Anyone have recommendations on where to buy good non-leather figure skates? I currently have a pair. I bought them on ebay a year ago and I really want a new pair. Although its great that they're not leather, the inside sole paddings fell apart within 2 uses last year so I always have to layer on socks. Also, they are very soft, like boots which makes it easy for my feet to get loose and fall. I prefer not to buy online because I want a good fit, but I can't find decent good ones that are not leather.THanks

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