Ice Skate Chicago downtown

City of Chicago :: Millennium Park

Chicago is one of the most fascinating American city, overlooking Lake Michigan, enjoys magnificent landscapes. The English school Kaplan is located in the Loop district in the center, a short distance from the parks along the Lake Michigan.

Kaplan English School - Chicago

Take a course of English in Chicago with Kaplan. The modern school of English Kaplan is situated right in the center of the city to give students easy access to all the necessary amenities. Enjoy the excellent facilities of the school and the variety of English courses.

Kaplan offers other English schools in the United States.

Leisure in Chicago

  • Chicago is famous for its numerous local professional teams such as the Bulls (basketball), the Bears (football), the White Sox Cubs (baseball) and the Fire (soccer)!
  • Take advantage of first-class theater, music and comedies
  • Let yourself be charmed by the spectacular modern architecture in the area of school
  • Go into one of the famous jazz club or blues club in downtown Chicago
  • Do yourself a fantastic skiing during the winter months
  • Participate in a game of volleyball organized by Kaplan International Centers Volleyball on the beach in summer
  • School characteristics

    • A computer lab for multimedia courses with free internet access
    • Study room available for students
    • The school is located in downtown Chicago, close to many attractions
    • A recognized center for courses Exam preparation GMAT ® and GRE

    Accommodation in Chicago

    Student residences

    Kaplan offers students staying at the International House, located within the campus of the 'University of Chicago. Living with other international and American students is an excellent way to practice English in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


    Family accommodation is great if you want to experience American culture. Have breakfast and dinner with the family home will allow you to speak English in a family context as well as during the courses. All families in Chicago are carefully selected to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

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    Question on ice skate sizes and blade sharpening

    Does anyone know how much it costs for blade sharpening on figure skates? Also, I have a pair of Jackson ladies skates, but there is no size stamped on them. I take a shoe size 7, and these skates fit me well - does anyone know what skate size that would be? I have read that skate sizes run about 2 sizes smaller than shoe sizes, depending on the brand. Thanks for any input!

    2007-10-30 12:05:37 by veggieluver

    Vegan ice skates

    Anyone have recommendations on where to buy good non-leather figure skates? I currently have a pair. I bought them on ebay a year ago and I really want a new pair. Although its great that they're not leather, the inside sole paddings fell apart within 2 uses last year so I always have to layer on socks. Also, they are very soft, like boots which makes it easy for my feet to get loose and fall. I prefer not to buy online because I want a good fit, but I can't find decent good ones that are not leather.THanks

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