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Canada s skating stars: Where are they now? - The Globe and Mail

Since the cold came, my father spends his days sitting on the couch, with the radiator near the legs, covered with a blanket up to her chin, eating nuts and watching television. Teledeporte, to be exact. Figure skating, if possible.

-It's amazing what those couples-say, but I do not answer him. I do not answer because they do not know what this hobby is delayed by winter sports, because you do not see the humor in that insipid dance airs cruise wrapped in music because the announcer's voice is so familiar that even reminds me of my mother, because I hate the attire of those assumptions because expressions athletes and triple axel, double flip or loop sound to me like Japanese. My wife and I went skating superstars. We won gold in Calgary 88. He has spent so much of that ... Where would keep the medals that woman?

I look at him askance as he hair fruit lunch. My father clenches his fists and smiles when they go well a double pirouette, gives a little jump when the man throws his partner in the air, muttering curses when one of them loses his balance and flies in the face against the ice, protest against scores given the jury and again to stay serious and quiet when the following participants jump to the track for exercise.

-We were the first Spanish couple to represent Spain in the Olympics, and the only one so far to get the first place. No Spanish before we had reached the podium. I still have some pictures and a folder with more than a hundred newspaper clippings. Do you want to see?

I say no, I'm busy, what better another day, what things you have, sometimes you get very funny, I wish I liked figure skating to understand you better, once you preferred football and boxing, I also I miss mom, who soon I'll have to go pick up the kids to school, if I was good pear, which I take of the environment, yes, now I let you see, I'm just going to set the table for the food. He barely pays attention to me. Move your body to the side to dodge my figure and mumbles insults knowing that I will hear. I'm used to. I've learned not to get angry with him. On the way to the kitchen, I listen to his voice, I look through the hall.

-We were dating, but nobody knew. I hid to avoid gossip and go-between. Before heading out to skate, I promised that we would get married right there if we could get the highest score. The Russians had taken out a nine and a half. The favorites were Swedish and had nine and seventy-five. You know what note got us?

2007-11-22 21:07:33 by prommom

Question on ice skate sizes and blade sharpening

Does anyone know how much it costs for blade sharpening on figure skates? Also, I have a pair of Jackson ladies skates, but there is no size stamped on them. I take a shoe size 7, and these skates fit me well - does anyone know what skate size that would be? I have read that skate sizes run about 2 sizes smaller than shoe sizes, depending on the brand. Thanks for any input!

2007-10-30 12:05:37 by veggieluver

Vegan ice skates

Anyone have recommendations on where to buy good non-leather figure skates? I currently have a pair. I bought them on ebay a year ago and I really want a new pair. Although its great that they're not leather, the inside sole paddings fell apart within 2 uses last year so I always have to layer on socks. Also, they are very soft, like boots which makes it easy for my feet to get loose and fall. I prefer not to buy online because I want a good fit, but I can't find decent good ones that are not leather.THanks

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