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MOZ - Arsenio Esculudes 95 Death of Arsenic hóquista Esculudes.

SPORT Mozambique,particularly roller hockey,is in mourning.Esculudes arsenic,one of the greatest figures of roller hockey Mozambique,died Monday a long illness.
This afternoon at 14:00 hours,will be held in the funeral Lhanguene Cemetery,ceremony will be preceded by the funeral mass at the Church of Munhuana.
Arsenic excelled in sport in decades 70 and 80,having built the first national team that participated in the World Championship in 1978 in Argentina.
In 1986,already off the pitch,Arsenic wore the "skin" of the World coach of Mexico and in 1988 in A Coruña.
Arsenic,national hockey legend,was one of the first athletes to represent Mozambique at the international level,since the juniors in SNECI,after doing part of the first team who played seven games against the Netherlands,in several provinces,soon after national independence.
Their children Senito (deceased),and Kiko Maninho followed the footsteps of his father,also becoming the modality references.
THE grieving family,the "News" conveys its heartfelt condolences.

Source: News online

Arsenic Esculudes (father) (pictured alongside his son Ivan),a legendary figure in Roller Hockey Mozambique,one man dedicated to hockey,his family and his Railway.

Arsenic was dedicated to hockey after being decided by this mode,instead of football,where he was also a great practitioner.

It was one of the first athletes to represent Mozambique at the international level,since the Juniors in SNECI,after doing the 1st National Team that competed in seven games against the Netherlands in various provinces immediately after national independence in 1975.

Also made part of the Mozambique National Team that participated for the first time in World mode in S.Juan/1978.

Player of strong physique,excellent skater with good ball control,playing as a defensive midfielder and made immense assistance that resulted in several goals,had a good reading of the game was hard and made good use of his physical constitution to win bids divided.

Disciplined,team player,would come too early to assume the position of Manager,reaching national coach of Mozambique,having led the squad in various tournaments and World Montreux "A" and "B".

Their children Senito (RIP),Kiko and Manito continued the name Esculudes the panorama is also hóquista Mozambican elite players and Selection; Senito was considered one of the best players in post-Independence,having still played professionally in Italy,the manos Kiko and Manito remain holders of the current National Team.

Source: Rail My Blog - 13.10.2010

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Arsenio Esculudes and Maninho

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Why hockey sucks

1. It’s played on ice. You cannot have a real sport that involves artificially frozen water. I’m sorry, this immediately disqualifies it as a sport. Ice was not meant for sport. It would maybe be a sport if you had to play it out on frozen lakes. Now that would be something if there was an actual risk of the teams falling through the ice.
2. You have to wear ice skates to play it. I don’t care how much you try to butch up the skates the fact is it’s essentially the same piece of sporting equipment used by Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Peggy Fleming. It’s a small blade and with a few minor adjustments you have the same devices as figure skaters

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