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Featured Skater: Ross Miner - The 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure

Sun, board and friends: no more need for the establishment of the Republic become a haven for skateboarders. Reopened to the public from Sunday, June 16 after one year and a half of work, the esplanade allows the community to exercise its tricks and ollies in an atmosphere (yet) benevolent.

"Quite honestly, I do not remember from what looked like the front seat. But there was a very good flat for training, it's cool. " This insider jargon flows from the mouth of Cyril, 24, who takes advantage of the good weather to take a break. "The so-called flat is the Esplanade, a flat surface to slide. "Skaters are used to dealing with the means at hand, but it seems that this new spot up to expectations. "You can do tricks on concrete blocks, the mayor has not put anti-skate device, and it's pretty significant, " he says. Just time to rest, he returned develop its new figures.

Canette de Kro à la main et Ray-Ban sur le nez, Max fait également une petite pause en scrutant les exploits de ses pairs. Si lui et ses potes étaient sur la nouvelle place dès la semaine de son inauguration, c'est parce qu'ils avaient pu faire des repérages : Bobbin trails Kro Hand and Ray-Ban on the nose, Max is also a break in scrutinizing the exploits of his peers. If he and his friends were on the new site from the week of his inauguration, it is because they were able to scout locations:

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Why hockey sucks

1. It’s played on ice. You cannot have a real sport that involves artificially frozen water. I’m sorry, this immediately disqualifies it as a sport. Ice was not meant for sport. It would maybe be a sport if you had to play it out on frozen lakes. Now that would be something if there was an actual risk of the teams falling through the ice.
2. You have to wear ice skates to play it. I don’t care how much you try to butch up the skates the fact is it’s essentially the same piece of sporting equipment used by Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Peggy Fleming. It’s a small blade and with a few minor adjustments you have the same devices as figure skaters

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Film summary  — ESPN
Sports is supposed to be the ultimate level playing field, but in the media and on Madison Avenue, sometimes looks matter more than accomplishments.

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