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Christmas and winter are closely related to half the planet. This date, which for many is considered untouchable in the calendar year, means eating more and better than usual, meetings and family celebrations, the hope of the lottery and, for children, lots of free time and gifts. Just taking advantage of the winter cold, in many cities during this time installed ice rinks, which give the opportunity to enter a sport simple, fun and, like everything that means bodily activity is very beneficial for our health.

Calzándonos skates

Ice skating, contrary to what one might think, is a relatively simple sport that does not need too much prior learning. With a basic understanding and a little patience, it achieved overnight balance. If it is true that if you have previously skated on earth, doing so on the frozen surface will be much less expensive.

As appropriate clothing to withstand the temperature of the ice rinks, Juan Antonio Gomez Ice coach Txuri-Berri Club, explains that "contrary to what you might think, at the ice rink not too cold, for what a comfortable clothing, such as pants and a jersey fabric is enough.'s very advisable to wear gloves to avoid contact with the blades of the skates and socks hot and not too thin, we must avoid chafing with boots ".

Upon leaving the track, we must control our movements. The coach says that if you're inexperienced, "is very important the help and guidance of a qualified person to teach sports and more unstable surface such as ice". The speed and lack of coordination can be very dangerous, so special care must be taken to possible sprains, falls or collisions. In this sense the specialist advises "warm up and stretch before starting the exercise." However, for children, "is also highly recommended the use of knee, ankle, elbow pads and helmet on the first contact with the ice, " added Gomez.

More than a hobby

The ice rinks can be a great attraction, especially for children. The feel the speed and doing a sport quite different from the rest, is the great value offered by this type of skating. But beyond a simple run around on a piece of sharp metal, ice skating can be a real art, for figure skating or a competitive sport in modalities such as hockey or curling.

ny2 Sportswear Ice Figure Skating Dress Practice Polar Fleece Pants TQ - Child Extra Small
Sports (ny2 Sportswear)
  • Age: 5 - 6
  • Waist(inches): 20
  • Hip(inches): 24
  • Thigh(inches) : 14.75
  • Inseam(inches): 25.5
2004-09-14 11:11:18 by just-my-opinion

They're impractical and uncool

The only white footwear you'll ever catch me wearing is a pair of figure skates. other than that, forget it.
white shoes/boots get scuff marks on them easier, and dirt shows up on them more readily than those which are darker colored.
they make your feet look like you've stuck them in empty kleenex boxes.
they tend to make feet look bigger, and they just look you're either a healthcare worker, or an old lady in orthopedic shoes. they just make your feet look clunky, no matter what the style.
on little girls, white patent leather mary janes are ok, as are little sandals

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