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Miss Universe, Mexikanerin, Jimena Navarrete © Reuters Because it shines: The Mexican Jimena Navarrete, who was elected to the new "Miss Universe" © Reuters

ie Mexikanerin Jimena Navarrete ist in der Nacht zum Dienstag zur "Miss Universe 2010" gekrönt worden. T he Mexican Jimena Navarrete has been crowned on the night of Tuesday's "Miss Universe 2010". The 22-year-old had gone against 82 competitors from around the world in the race. She took the crown in Las Vegas (Nevada) from the reigning "Miss Universe", the Venezuelan Stefania Fernandez, opposed.

With the 24-year-old Navarrete Yendi Phillipps was from Jamaica in the finals on stage. In the final round of the five most beautiful also were the candidates from Australia, Ukraine and the Philippines.

German candidate was eliminated quickly

The German candidate Kristiana Rohder had given himself beaten quickly. The 26-year-old from Munich, which had begun as "Miss Universe Germany" had not even made it into the last 15th So it was also the first Arab-"Miss USA" Rima Fakih. The Lebanese-born Muslim who grew up in New York and Michigan, not in the finals.

The U.S. has seven times the "Miss Universe" set, followed by Venezuela, the most beautiful women have six times the crown was placed. The third in the country ranking is Puerto Rico with five hits.

Appearances in swimwear and evening gowns

Several million people worldwide watched the televised organized by the Miss Universe Organization of American billionaire Donald Trump election. The two-hour show with performances of beauties in swimwear and evening gowns went to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas over the stage.

Rocker Bret Michaels and TV reporter Natalie Morales moderated the show. Among the prominent judges were actor William Baldwin and Jane Seymour, supermodel Niki Taylor, musician Sheila E. and figure skating gold medalist Evan Lysacek. The "Miss" contenders had to provide proof of their repartee with a quick response.

So Navarrete asked about the dangers when youngsters surf the Internet without supervision. Adults should keep an eye on, but give the correct values, especially their children, the Mexican said in red evening dress.

ny2 Sportswear Ice Figure Skating Dress Practice Polar Fleece Pants TQ - Adult Small
Sports (ny2 Sportswear)
  • Age: 14+
  • Waist(inches): 25.5
  • Hip(inches): 30
  • Thigh(inches) : 17.5
  • Inseam(inches): 31.5
2004-09-14 11:11:18 by just-my-opinion

They're impractical and uncool

The only white footwear you'll ever catch me wearing is a pair of figure skates. other than that, forget it.
white shoes/boots get scuff marks on them easier, and dirt shows up on them more readily than those which are darker colored.
they make your feet look like you've stuck them in empty kleenex boxes.
they tend to make feet look bigger, and they just look you're either a healthcare worker, or an old lady in orthopedic shoes. they just make your feet look clunky, no matter what the style.
on little girls, white patent leather mary janes are ok, as are little sandals

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ny2 Sportswear Ice Figure Skating Dress Practice Pants Black - Child Large
Sports (ny2 Sportswear)
  • Age: 10 - 12
  • Waist(inches): 22.5
  • Hip(inches): 27
  • Thigh(inches) : 16
  • Inseam(inches): 29
ny2 Sportswear Ice Figure Skating Dress Practice Pants with Rhinestones R29 - Child Small
Sports (ny2 Sportswear)
  • Age: 6 - 8
  • Waist(inches): 20.5
  • Hip(inches): 25
  • Thigh(inches) : 15
  • Inseam(inches): 27
Jalie Jalie Figure Skating Dress with Skate Boot Cover Costume Sewing Pattern 2917
Art and Craft Supply (Jalie)
  • Sewing Pattern, Directions for figure skating dress (Not actual garments)
  • 22 Sizes - Girls 2 - 13 and Women s Sizes 4 - 14 (included in same envelope)
  • Instructions in English and French
ny2 Sportswear Ice Figure Skating Dress Practice Pants 2-Tone Waistband Bubble Gum - Child Small
Sports (ny2 Sportswear)
  • Age: 6 - 8
  • Waist(inches): 20.5
  • Hip(inches): 25
  • Thigh(inches) : 15
  • Inseam(inches): 27

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    Dec 24, 2008 by Josephine_sy | Posted in Ice Skating

    I have a little bracelet charm and a necklace my late grandmother had given me, and I would like to wear them to my skating competitions. I have always worn them on any nervous occasions. Can I wear jewellery in skating competitions?? I d like to know both local and international. I m living in England.

    • If it is not distracting and is secure on your body then it s fine. Necklaces are easy to work with because you can usually tuck them into your dress. Bracelets, especially charm bracelets are more difficult. I would not recommend wearing a bracelet. If you watch skaters on tv in international competitions, alot have necklaces on tucked into their costume. As long as it stays on your body and isn t distracting there is no rule against it. Shortly, YES it is ok to wear jewelry that is not distracting, but if it falls off you will be penalized. Hope that helped :)