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Now I have called your attention to a very current theme continue to read the post. The crisis touches everyone and all ways to help us save are always welcome (since skating is an expensive sport). All we now have to do more with fewer resources, so I decided to write this post.

Now then, let the basic of basic. Clothes for trains r.
There are many people who train with tights suitable for skating, which in turn are expensive. And also be torn, although quite resistant.

Enjoy the balances to buy leggings (which are also resistant) and serve for training. Also can not wear a skirt, always more to save a few bucks. Let the tights test for evidence. Or use them when they are a bit routes in the skates. With some blinders over, still had enough for a while longer.

  • There are websites of companies that sell stuff for skating, they often have deals with lower prices for X pairs of tights. It's always a good time to reinforce the closet and can save some part to do some drawings that combine with the fact, for example.
  • Enjoy the balances to buy casual wear (pants, blouses and fitted jackets) and tennis for warmups and workouts without skates. Can be found good and beautiful things up. It takes time, patience and persistence!
  • Keep the fabrics bought to facts of evidence. Putting all the pieces still manage to make a full suit or just a skirt to train. Or at worst, a pair of blinders.
  • One thing that was growing at the time was to enjoy the facts that no longer fit me, shortening them and wore only a skirt.
  • Apparels and accessories
    1. The best way to save money on facts is to make them ourselves and then have them do a seamstress. It is true that the facts bought the sites themselves are to die but that does not mean that our seamstress preferred not make something beautiful and special.
    2. Be inspired, see facts and draw. It's something therapeutic to. After everything ready will buy the fabrics, so better control spending. The best time to buy is before Carnival tissues and with a bit of luck even if you can get fabric at a bargain price. Same goes for sequins and or anything else you want to apply in fact.
    3. The tests require a little care with the image, which means getting your hair and makeup. Again Carnival is a good time to fill the drawers with hooks and molinhas, colored shadows, bright .... Sometimes at Christmas there are deals on make-up articles. It is necessary to be aware of.
    Skates and related
    1. The skates also need to take some precautions. Many people leave their skates in the locker at the club where they attend. I also did this. If they do, put that powder antiperspirant inside the boots to preserve them. The own brands material manufacturers also have a line skating with these products but any one pharmacy or grocery store is sufficient. I've always had good results.
    2. If you still are learning to skate, to take the first steps was good considering first skates second hand. There are many websites selling that make life easier to the buyer. The same can go with a new discipline as compulsory figures, for example. Being at the beginning and not wanting to spend much money, it is always a good option to buy second-hand wheels. But attention to the state of the material. Do not put too exhausted to buy things.

    It was everything I remembered, I hope I have been helpful. The post club video airs next Monday, exceptionally. Until then ... :)

    2007-10-14 18:18:49 by ---------

    I was a competitive skater; ^^ is accurate

    My skates were about $400 about 30 years to 25 years ago.
    As others have said, just learning to skate is pretty inexpensive. God help you if your child gets into it. Its ultra competitive in this country, and very expensive.
    But fun! I wasn't a great single skater, despite the money spent on my training, but I got into 'synchronized skating' - its like synchronized swimming but on ice. You don't have to have triple jumps to win international medals, and its a team sport (figure skating is individual - you don't learn much about working with others like in team sports)

    2004-09-23 13:12:04 by ghostofmajestic

    The Patron Saint of Figure Skaters

    Three things happened this morning, though not necessarily in the following order. One, my son was sent home from school for painting his face up like some fairy from Kiss. Two, my wife asked me for a divorce over cold scrambled eggs and a half-thawed waffle. Three, my daughter discovered a man, naked as Adam, dead and frozen to the floor of my ice rink.
    My kid I can forgive for the reason that he's been excited for the longest time about going to this Kiss concert tonight. It's the first concert his mother and I have allowed him to go to. He's gotten into our good graces by mowing the lawn over the past month and keeping his room clean for two weeks

    2004-06-03 09:47:33 by PatrickHSF

    Ice Castles...

    Loved that movie. Robbie had a tighty-whitey shot, when he's talking to Lexie on the phone. So sad when the fans threw the roses on the ice and since she can't see too well she skates into them and falls. Robbie goes onto the ice, picks her up, and carries her off. I wonder how many brides selected "Through the Eyes of Love" for their wedding ceremonies around that time? And the incomparable Colleen Dewhurst as the dykish, crusty skating coach who could have been an Olympic skating star and is trying to live her dream ala Mama Rose through Lexie. I can't see Colleen in a skimpy figure skating outfit, but maybe she was more petite in the day

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