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Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette suffer grievous loss, won the women's figure skating bronze, February 25, she stood on the podium to thank the audience for her support. (Getty Image)

For 2010 Winter Olympics bronze medalist two Vancouver Terry Fox Award ‧

WASHINGTON February 28 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Ouyang Vancouver, Canada reported) Saturday, Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee announced the award Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdic and Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette the Games special awards - - ‧ Vancouver 2010 Terry Fox Award. The award to the young amputee named in honor of 30 years ago when he run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research feat.

VANOC CEO Francis (John Furlong), said, "Few people like Terry ‧ Fox Marathon of Hope in 1980 as touched the soul of this great country, we have established this award as an incentive to fulfill the spirit of the athletes Fox Today we are proud to be awarded this prize Petra and Joannie. "

Slovenian cross-country skier Majdic at Whistler Olympic Park venue to show this spirit, she endured the pain persist woman Indiv project completed the game, she knows her country and the expectations of her family to win Slovenia ----- first Olympic medal, she did, in pain finished taxiing, and won the bronze medal.

Canadian figure skater Rochette two days before the race lost her mother, she did not give up the game endure grief, her strong moved thousands of Canadians. Rochette in the audience cries flawless finish of the action, to 71.36 points set a personal best score in history, the game has finished third.

At the national and international competitions, the two athletes have a long list of outstanding achievements, Majdic Slovenia is the first to win a medal at the Olympics cross-country skier. Rochette since 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, the first woman to win Olympic medals Canadian woman figure skater.

Medal of nickel and wood, designs for the Canadian landscape, similar to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics medal design. The Games emblem and name of the two official languages ​​of Canada from the drop-shaped etching plate. Fox will drop shape symbolizes his prosthetic moments into the Atlantic Ocean, to commemorate his start in April 1980 the heroic journey. Medals displayed on the back of the Western yew natural wood, wood grain of the Fox hopes marathon route, select lines do yew tree pattern because there is found in the bark of chemicals have anticancer activity.

Also engraved on the medal from the Canadian hero's famous quote: I want to set an example that will never be forget. ◇

Slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdic won the bronze medal in women's Indiv Project, February 17, she was in someone else's arm on the podium. (Getty Image)

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2008-01-28 08:50:57 by flyingdogs

Jonny Weir, figure skater extraordinaire.

Last night I was flippin' channels, and came across a figure skating competition.
Jonny Weir totally blew my mind. I got goose bumps watching his performance.
I was also totally certain he's gay. I was like "You GO Jonny Queer! You strike one for the good guys!"
He skated to an original, full orchestra piece written by a friend for him specifically for his performance. It was about struggle between good and evil. Very heavy, dark and romantic.
His deliciously over the top costume was white on one side, with feathers, and black on the other

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