Ice Skating Oakville Lessons

Silver Stick Tournament - Canada

An elite boarding. Excursion to Niagara Falls. A day at an amusement park.


Sheridan College (Ontario)

| ESTANCIA: RESIDENCIA AGE: 14 to 17 | STAY: RESIDENCE The vast province of Ontario is located near the U.S. border. With 250, 000 lakes and 132 parks, is the second in land area. Among his best-known tourist attractions, is Niagara Falls. Toronto, the capital, offers visitors numerous places of interest among which the CN Tower with 187 floors and 533 meters high, one of the highest in the world. The Sheridan College is located in the community of Oakville 30 minutes from Toronto and has excellent facilities.


In campus residence in single rooms with shared bathrooms (one for 2 rooms) with TV and telephone, in full board.


20 lessons taught by qualified native teachers in small groups.


They organize sports and cultural activities 3 afternoons per week (movies, sports, ice skating, canoeing, etc.) As well as 2 full day excursions per week to places like Niagara Falls, Toronto, Wonderland Amusement Park. It also organizes a welcome party and farewell.

3 weeks From 9/julio to 31/julio € 4, 470
4 weeks From 2/julio to 31/julio € 5, 210
Departure from Madrid € -120
  • Flight to Canada and back.
  • Transfers airport / place of stay.
  • * Monitor guest from Madrid.
  • Residential accommodation with full board.
  • 20 English lessons per week
  • Teaching materials.
  • Test early in the course orientation.
  • Certificate.
  • Visits, excursions and activities.
  • Transportation for tours and visits.
  • Travel Backpack.
  • Multiasistencial sure.

* It ensures the presence of a monitor around the 3 week stay.

Library of Congress Figure skating for women
Book (Library of Congress)
2009-03-22 12:28:23 by paulmpianist

Olympic women's figure skating Gold preview

My picks Caroline Zhang USA
Gold for USA this time. Or Marai Nagasu...might get it for USA
(Marai Nagasu by far got most attention of these three vids so far...
Yuna Kim might get it. Korean.

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  • Soft foam padding
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    So I m 14 and i just signed up to ice skating lessons at the medibank ice house in melbourne? Does anyone know that place? Well I was wondering what I should wear to hmy first lesson. I know that I shouldn t wear jeans but that s just about it. I m in adults 1. And is skate rental included in the term fee or do i have to buy my own pair? Also where can you buy skates and skate wear in Melbourne and how do you know if they re good quality or not? From what I ve read, adults 1 is part of the aussie skate program just for ppl 15 or over. A lady advised me to go into adults 1 instead of basics 1 …

    • I know the Icehouse - I skate there. ;) Skate hire is included with the term fees - just arrive a bit before the lesson starts, head over to skate hire and get a pair. You can get your own pair if you want, however - if you want to advance more quickly, I d recommend buying your own skates because they will fit better and be a lot more comfortable. As for what to wear, I d recommend leggings or any other pants that are thin, flexible and long (but not long enough to trip you over!). And on top, just wear a t-shirt or a thin long sleeved top with a light jacket (it can have a hood, but if …