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For the first time in Germany: athlete trainer sued for sexual harassment

In front of the TV camera was the Stuttgart skater Nadine Pflaum, 17, look at the special relationship between a young athlete to coach, "Lord Fajfr has me gripped UTV T-shirt and the pants. He fiddled with me. This is happening every day. "The athlete accused by their lawyers Bodo Brechlin their coach Karel Fajfr, 51 Never has a coach been accused so massive and detailed in Germany, to have gone to his protégé. On 14 September reimbursed Nadine Pflaum display. On six A4 pages she described her ordeal in the juicy details in Fajfr.

Interviews with the detectives and a review process led the Stuttgart prosecutor to determine the delicate "case Fajfr". Their spokesman Kurt Schrimm confirmed "extensive investigation, which can certainly take two months'. As with the affair of Michael Jackson is currently still open, "whether there will be a charge."

The intimacy of coaches and young athletes for decades are always cause for speculation. But never was the whisper forbidden to Sexbeziehungen a subject of scientific studies. Even in the former East Germany, where the sport was worked up as in any other country of experts, lack of any investigations. The matter was also there as to be precarious.

Not only in the model state, where now denounce other ice-athletes' status Stuttgart ice "the rude, sexist and offensive Fajfr methods, the affair suggests high waves. Inge Berndt, chairman in the "Federal Committee on Women in Sport" of the German Sports Federation (DSB) is "surprised, but also excited about the new dimension of openness, " because until allegations against coach had been "swept under the carpet" always for sexual harassment.

How lax around the sports federations with the problem of proving an example of the German Judo Federation. In a Hessian club itself athletes had complained that they were beaten by her trainer with handles that do not belong clearly to the judo rules.

The girls revealed, the women's representative Berndt Inge. In a letter to the Judo Federation President Willi Höfken they asked for urgent assistance in the investigation of the incident. It took four weeks before the Judo Federation said. In a ten-line letter Managing Director Ulrich Merget announced on behalf of its President, Ms. Berndt should be only one "make a balanced picture" and ask for the opinion of the woman speaker of the Hessian Judo Association. Berndt Inge: "And so it goes for years. Women's issues are only marginally perceived and easy abgebügelt. "

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  • The figure skating to the real Michael King of Pop
2009-06-20 23:02:34 by margot-

2nd half, not much better. ok i get it, pauline,

Pauline a la plage. margot in a summers tale, pretty weak attempt at a quasi homage to rohmer.besides so many things i didnt like, really nicole kidman just ruined this thing for me. worst of all is her freakish michael jackson-esque plastic surgeried face.freakier than the pig eatin neighbors. if i rated this movie out of ten, i'd give it a 5.3. if kidman was replaced by any person off the street, id give it a 6.0. that used to be perfect in figure skating at least.

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