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Stojko, Elvis Figure skating is practiced individually or in pairs where performance is judged by the skaters their artistic and technical qualities sport. The competition consists of individual events, men and women, pair skating and ice dancing. The individual has a skating short program and free program, like pairs skating.Orser, Brian As for the ice dance events consist of compulsory dances, original dance and free skating, jumps, spins and raised above the waist are prohibited. International figure skating competitions are organized by the International Skating Union, founded in 1892. The Olympic Games, World, European and Four Continents Championships are the most important competitions.Bourne and Kraatz The Grand Prix series consists of six senior-level international competitions, including Skate Canada, held for the first time in 1973. Skaters who wish to qualify for the Grand Prix Final must earn points in two of these competitions. North American Championships (the last date of 1971) were also among the high caliber competitions.Scott, Barbara Ann For the World Championships or the Olympics, the number of participants is determined by the previous results. Each country is allowed only three entries per event.

Until the early 90s, compulsory figures were also part of figure skating. The English name "figure skating" finds its genesis. The sport began to grow after 1742, with the creation of the Edinburgh Skating Club. In the 1880s, St. Moritz (Switzerland) is the center of figure skating, skaters Britain will design new tricks and develop a scoring system to evaluate. Meanwhile, the "Viennese" school encourages a more theatrical approach to skating, incorporating dance moves in jumps and spins. In the 1860s, Jackson Haines, American ballet, adds music and created the style that later became the skating.

Ice dance goes back to the 1880s in Vienna and in 1885 in Halifax, there is a waltz performed on ice. In 1896, the first official men's world championships held in St. Petersburg (Russia). In 1906, women's championships are separate and pair skating appears two years later. In 1952, ice dancing is on the agenda of the World Championships.

In Canada, in the 1860s, what was then called the "figure skating" is gaining in popularity as a result of a tour qu'effectue Haines in eastern and central Canada in 1864. The inauguration of new ice is accompanied by demonstrations and in Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink often hosts galas and carnivals. F. Perkins Toronto featured skater at the time, won the gold medal in Canada in 1867. The same year, the Skating Club of Montreal offers a cutting open the top skaters in the world amateur championship.

Wagner, Barbara and Paul, Bob Wilson, Tracy and Rob McCall Manley, Elizabeth Salé and Pelletier

2009-06-20 23:02:34 by margot-

2nd half, not much better. ok i get it, pauline,

Pauline a la plage. margot in a summers tale, pretty weak attempt at a quasi homage to rohmer.besides so many things i didnt like, really nicole kidman just ruined this thing for me. worst of all is her freakish michael jackson-esque plastic surgeried face.freakier than the pig eatin neighbors. if i rated this movie out of ten, i'd give it a 5.3. if kidman was replaced by any person off the street, id give it a 6.0. that used to be perfect in figure skating at least.

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