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María José Moya acusa irregularidades en el clasificatorio mundial de Curicó. Maria Jose Moya accuses irregularities in Curico global leaderboard.

It's full of mud, dogs cross the track while competing athletes and the lighting is not optimal. "Here is who dares test over another, " said Chilean skater double world medalist, Maria Jose Moya, who already has run two of the three qualifying dates for World Cup Belgium, defying fear an accident involving the unlikely patinódromo Sports Complex Santa Fe de Curico.

The completion of the qualifying tournament for the World Cup in Belgium, with the participation of 190 athletes, has been complicated by the rains wet the Curicó skating rink, a situation which the Chilean Federation of Hockey and Skating considered not to suspend the first date this tournament.

So Maria Jose accuses the lack of concern and care for the skaters, and although it does not state responsible, claiming that "someone has to look after our physical integrity. Think it's a lack of respect for us."

On the premiere at the skating rink Curicó, Moya said that "it rained and just threw us to run." Still, despite how wet the track was debuted beating the national record in the 200m time trial with a time of 18.81 , and also affirmed its best exponent Chilean category in the 300 meters speed, posting a time of 27.68, to ensure a place in the World Cup.

María José knows how risky it means taking on the rain, because in the 2009 qualifiers competing crashed in wet patinódromo La Platina. On that occasion, Judge Patricia Pezoa ordered not to halt the trial of the 200 meters. As a result, the Chilean sprinter suffered a broken nose and a sprained neck that left out of World China for two points.


And that's not all. The irregularities are also reflected in the doping control tests to those who have to undergo before competing athletes, rigorous and delicate look that escapes all professionalism.

In fact, during the qualifying tournament, samples were taken in the dark about the lack of lighting only three toilets available for skaters, as have the participants themselves.

The precarious and complex infrastructure lacking national athletes brought into contact with Chiledeportes to reach an agreement and find a viable solution, since they are violating the rules of the FIRS (International Skating Federation). However, charge that the response of the Chilean entity was nil.

This weekend soaking rains returned to the skating rink. He refereed the same judge who did not suspend the classification in which Moya crashed four years ago, and the evidence is disputed as well. Thus, at least three skaters slipped during the competition day, a figure that joined the most 20 falls that was last week.

Not yet confirmed the date of the third round qualifying, which should be set for the weekend of 29 and 30 June, but most likely require presidential primaries to delay the tournament for Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July, again at the skating rink Curicó.

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